Handling and care


  • Go through Jacsons product description and features before purchase
  • Take care in selecting the furniture suiting to your requirements .
  • Check out the various payment options available with us
  • Wipe all furniture with dry soft cloth only
  • Use only the services of  Jacsons furniture  qualified technicians for shifting, dismantling and fitting
  • In case of any query, please contact our customer service representative


  • Avoid direct exposure to water, light and heat
  • Do not use polish or varnish on the furniture
  • Do not pull or push the knock-down furniture. This will result in loosening of screws
  • Do not use any petrol or alcohol based chemicals on sofa upholstery
  • Do not use sharp objects on the surface of any furniture
  • Do not spill any drink or hot liquid on any furniture
  • Do not abuse the furniture by sitting on the arm or back. Sit only on the proper space provided.
  • Do not use outside technicians for dismantling, fitting and shifting